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Family owned and operated, Sandberg Furniture is one of the largest bedroom furniture manufacturers in the United States. Our products are made in the USA at our Los Angles factory and can be found in furniture retail stores across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Sandberg Furniture’s success is measured by our ability to offer fashionable high quality furniture at an affordable price.

Sandberg Furniture exists because the low and middle-income consumer wants to furnish her home beautifully, and she deserves the ability to buy quality furniture that suits her tastes at a price that she can afford.

It is has been our purpose since 1918 to give her just that, and to do it better than anybody else.  We will do so with the style and passion that our family of employees and customers have come to expect over our nearly 100 year history, and we will never stray from our core values.

We are a family business that is respected by the community and the industry for our acumen and excellence, but more importantly, we are a company that our people are proud to work with because of the respect with which we treat them.  Put more simply, they are “family”.

1. Family Orientation for All

  • Mutual trust and respect – defined as character and capability
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Tradition – the roots of success

2. Passion for the Work and Individual Initiative

  • Commitment to results – driven to achieve outstanding results
  • Intolerant of bureaucracy – the courage to embrace change

>Learn more about our History

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