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Life in Sweden during the mid 1800’s was harsh. An ambitious young man had little more than dreams to insulate him from the long, brutal winters and bleak prospects for his future. Stories of the seemingly limitless opportunities of the New World filled him with dreams of a better life. And so, Martin Sandberg joined the emigration from Scandinavia. As was the rule, he settled in Minnesota, where he piled his trade as a woodworker, a trade handed down to him from his father and his father’s father. And while the winters were not nearly as bad in his new home, they stymied him and held back his dream. “Go west,” the voice of adventure whispered in his ears. “Go west.”

Martin and his wife, alone with their family traversed the plains and mountains, not settling until they saw the brilliant blue waters of the Pacific. Los Angeles-the City of Angels, a place of dreams.

Martin began a company, bearing his family name, expanding on his skill as a cabinet maker to making bedroom furniture. Beds and dressers. Chests and armoires. Nightstands and vanities. As his family grew, so did his company. Martin taught the art of furniture making to his sons, Arthur and Herman. He passed on the business and the skills necessary to be successful, ensuring the company would continue.

The reputation of the Sandberg Furniture Company grew. Their products became “hot properties” during the Hollywood’s heydays, and were seen in the homes of the stars.

Now, five generations later, the company continues. The name lives on, and the principles Martin Sandberg lived by continue. Sandberg Furniture’s success is measures not merely in sales figures, but in the ability to stay ahead of fashions and trends and never sacrificing quality to meet the fleeting fads of the day.

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